This web site is meant to track the progress of the animated film Time Flies and attract a community of people around it to help make it happen. I harbor a passion for Cinema. Ever since i can remember, Films have exerted a deep fascination in me and i have told myself that i will make at least one film before i die. I watch 500 movies a year easily and have been particularely influenced by South Korean Cinema for the past decade. I operate the movie-centric site for almost as long now, and you can easily see all the films i have recently seen, or those i have recently reviewed.

On Halloween 2003, after attending the premiere of Savage Island, the first film of an old friend of mine, i got the courage to start thinking about doing my own film and started work on a script. Time Flies was born. To say i have been struggling is to put it mildly. I am not a writer by training and to say that my day job is miles away from film-making is an understatement. So i have gone into this with very little experience, and not much beyond ideas and the passion to make it happen in spite of all the time pressures i am under. My day job to pay the bills is something i actually love, and so, i devote a lot of time to it. I also have a demanding family. But thanks to technology, i believe it's easier than ever to jump in and start creating and do it in a way that is accomodating to many types of schedules. Over the next few years, i set out to make this film a reality. 6 Years later, i am now much closer to completion, but i still have a few hurdles to get over.

I have worked this project almost like an Open Source Software project (having had personally a good amount of experience in this amazing business model). In summer 2007, i sollicited help from a group of actors, and we recorded the full soundtrack for the film. I have also gotten help around the score, casting, and animation. This has been an exciting project so far and right now, i am completing the animation. I hope to be done sometimes in the summer of 2010, and look for distribution then.

- LDH (Writer, Producer, Director), September 2009

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Pardon my French
Laurent Hasson
2010.09.01, 03.51.57

6 years ago....
Laurent Hasson
2010.05.08, 18.00.58

Adobe Creative Suite CS5
Laurent Hasson
2010.04.12, 20.26.24

No time...
Laurent Hasson
2010.04.01, 00.54.18

No time...
Laurent Hasson
2010.04.01, 00.54.18

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Time Flies, first 4 minutes, V2 (2009 version)   (Movie file)
   (2009.10.07, 08.45.36)
Animation tests   (Movie file)
   (2008.10.26, 16.29.59)
The Teaser   (Flash file)
   (2007.04.10, 19.10.52)
Josie in Church   (Image file)
   (2007.02.02, 00.13.21)
Anna In New York   (Image file)
   (2007.02.02, 00.01.22)
Leading man Takashi   (Image file)
   (2007.02.01, 23.38.40)
Josie's Brain   (MP3 file)
   (2007.01.29, 16.54.46)
Balloon Attack   (MP3 file)
   (2007.01.28, 05.05.39)
Fateful Halloween   (MP3 file)
   (2007.01.27, 00.49.54)
Corpses   (MP3 file)
   (2007.01.25, 18.04.38)

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The first scene: New 2009 version!!!

The Teaser

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At this time, the movie is in the final stages of production and we are no longer looking for any positions to fill.